Which Meditation Technique is Right For You?

Meditation aids in stress relief, reduces chronic pain, increase memory, boosts the immune system and much, much more. But how do you know which meditation technique is right for you? Take a look at these 7 types of meditation to find the perfect fit.

Mindfulness Meditation

This kind of meditation encourages awareness of thoughts, feelings and body sensations in the present moment without judgment. Use this meditation to help lower blood pressure, increase focus and memory and to regulate emotions.

Movement Meditation

Tai Chi, yoga, gardening, walking and Qigong are all forms of movement meditation. Movement helps connect a distracted mind to the present moment and promotes body awareness.

Mantra Meditation

Repetitive sounds or words are used to deepen awareness and focus on the breath. It helps clear the mind, and the sound vibrations are proven to promote health and well being. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like silence and enjoys repetition.

Spiritual Meditation

Zen meditation and forms of religious prayer qualify as spiritual meditation. This style of meditation employs the use of repetition such as counting, focusing on an object, mantra or prayer and connecting to a higher power or being. This practice can be done at home or in a place of worship and is a great way to deepen or develop spiritual growth.

Body Scan/Progressive Relaxation Meditation

Progressive meditation or body scan works through the entire body from head to toe and focuses on softening areas of tension. Scientific studies show it helps with chronic pain, depression and fatigue.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Feelings of compassion and love are highlighted in this form of meditation. The goal is to cultivate kindness and love even towards one’s enemies. This meditation is helpful for anyone dealing with anger, resentment or conflict.

Many of these meditations take time to master. With patience, skill, and a few simple strategies you can obtain better health and a happier life!

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