Let Emily Dickinson’s poetry inspire your inner artist

December 2, 2023


Where words meet art in a harmonious blend of ink and imagination.

Emily Dickinson’s poetry is marked by its concise yet profound exploration of themes like death, nature, love, and the human soul. Her distinctive style, characterized by short lines, dashes, and unconventional punctuation, challenges conventional norms.

In this pay-what-you-can workshop we will explore how other artists have used Dickinson’s words and imagery to express their own creativity and inspired by Dickinson’s own phrases, we will seek to find meaning through our own unique forms of expression. All styles of expressive artwork are encouraged, including drawing, painting, journaling, music and movement. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just looking to dip your toes into the world of drawing, this workshop is designed to ignite your imagination and create a space for all to enjoy. There is no wrong way to do this workshop!


I use a variety of materials including: pencils, erasers, drawing or copy paper, thin black markers, black Sharpie markers, crayons, pastels, acrylic pens, paint, watercolor paper, stencils and more. Feel free to use simply a paper and pencil or for a complete list click here:


Are you looking for ways to relax, quiet your mind and inspire creative flow?

I will guide you through a short mindfulness practices before we settle into a relaxing, meditative, drawing session. We will focus on breathing and present moment awareness to create more ease and calm in the mind and body. No meditation or mindfulness experience is necessary.

These mindfulness practices are simple and accessible for everyone.

This online workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS – However, please get in touch with me if you have any questions about what to expect.


Feel free to sit on in the same chair you will use for the drawing portion of the workshop and you are also welcome to sit on a yoga mat, bolster, zafu if you have one. Comfortable clothing is encouraged.


MARCH 25, 2023


Suggested donation is $20 for the live workshop and I know that may not be possible for everybody. Please be honest and pay what you can so that I may continue to offer live sessions on a donation basis. Once the live session is over, a recording of the workshop will be available for a fee.

What is included:

  • Multiple drawing exercises
  • Short, guided mindfulness practices
  • A walk through the science of why drawing
  • An exploration of inspirational artists
  • Demonstrations by working artists in real time
  • Moment-to-moment engagement
  • Tons of inspirational take-a-ways to use in your everyday life

Can’t make the live event?

Get in touch if you have any questions!

If you still have more questions, or if you have any special needs or concerns, send me an email. I’m happy to help.